Cash Management and Cash Circulation Efficiency

Cash Management and Cash Circulation Efficiency

The Cash Management industry is changing rapidly, as the payments landscape evolves and consumers become more familiar with paying for goods and services without cash. With decades of experience in this market, AOA are ideal partners for cash management providers to support them in how to evolve for these changing times.

Key areas of expertise within AOA include –

Security  Solutions – Identifying industry leading security systems that are needed for specific business threats, and providing the necessary disciplines to effectively implement these in critical areas. Examples include:

  • ATM defences - Ink-protection solutions for theft prevention, Anti-Cut and Ram solutions for attack prevention.
  • Physical security improvement and operational efficiency around bulk cash movements at bank branches, dramatically reducing risk of loss and employee danger.
  • Deposit fraud – Operational procedures to avoid internal and external losses through theft and deception.

Operational Efficiency – With techniques rooted in Lean Manufacturing practices and developed around the world we can deliver

  • Quality of output on a repeatable basis in banking operational tasks performed by your staff, vendors and third party outsourced providers, through built-in-quality measures
  • Resource management to align scheduled manpower to match demand forecasting
  • Process Engineering to minimise waste within the operation

 Typically 20%-30% of operating costs can be removed from branch based operations, whilst maintaining or even improving customer experience.