Leased and Remote Asset Security

Leased and Remote Asset Security

At AOA we believe the the key to effective asset protection is through the harnessing of rapidly developing communications technologies.

We look to work with our customers to help them reduce the probability and consequences of asset theft, damage and other disruption with solutions originally developed for the cash logistics industry.

Within our portfolio we have recently added a range of products that use advance communications technology to monitor and transmit key data from the asset to the asset owner at critical times. Critically this technology empowers the asset owner to exert real control over their asset from anywhere in the work, 24 x7.

This provides the user with a new and powerful way to reduce failure probability, reduce the consequences of failure when it occurs and increase the chances of recovery or repair in a speedy way. 

We are able to assist in the provision of specialist insurance cover, benefiting from the use of technology to mitigate risk.